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Creative Space Design

• Get rid of all those annoying plies and clutter.

• Help with budgeting implementing effective and practical storage for your space.

• Creating an efficient, calming living environment.

• Clear your mind with innovative solutions for everyday problems.

“She is thorough and easy to schedule.  We worked for 12 hours for a VERY reasonable price- everything from my kitchen, living room, closets, cabinets and spring/winter cleaning.   No complaints at all!! Worth every penny and would easily do it again to help my schedule fit in the time for toy pruning and clothing pruning as my kids grow!” –Lisa F.

“It was fascinating for me to witness Jonelle's special ability-she would look at an area and know how to make it visually and functionally appealing. I just do not have that skill. So, working together, we tamed a high use area in my home. I would totally recommend Jonelle for any organizational project. On top of it all, she is extremely nice and very funny.” Jill L.

Project Management

Event planning, public relations and marketing skills in a professional capacity to contribute to an organization’s success.

· Highly professional, creative, and detail-oriented planner and project manager of high-impact, high-profile events, with an expertise in public relations, event planning, graphic design, marketing and artist management.

· Conceptualize, coordinate, execute and manage a wide-variety of events including but not limited to gallery exhibits and promotional events as well as a festival with up to 29,000 attendees and involving over 125 distinct vendors with budgets ranging up to $1.2 million.

· Budget oversight and cost-effective management. Outstanding strategic, logistical, and contingency planning. Proven ability as a creative problem-solver.

· Exceptional interpersonal skills and relationship building, including extensive contact with media, outside agencies, and vendors.

· Effective supervisor with ability to recruit, train, and motivate event volunteers and personnel.

· Graphic design and copy writing of media materials, marketing collateral, and event correspondence, including invitations.

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