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After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a degree in Specialized Technology in Graphic Design, I began working at Philadelphia-based Q&V Screen Printing Inc. and South Street Embroidery where I worked closely with clients designing and printing images. At the same time, as a fellow artist, I became involved in a variety of freelance projects, including the organizing, planning, curating and hosting of several local art shows and events. Through both my professional contacts as well as my personal involvement within the artistic community, I was able to gain a range of design, organizational and production experience and more importantly, I acquired a stronger understanding and appreciation for artistic communities and how to reach a diverse broader audience.


In 2013 I created the up cycled clothing line FREELoad Apparel in the Bronx NY. I am responsible for selling and marketing worldwide through social accounts and traveling craft festivals and local markets. 

I am currently the Art Director, creating weekly designs for Marketing, Advertising, Print Media at The Bronx Penny Pincher in NY.  Reach over 80,000 Homes and Inboxes every week, The Bronx Penny Pincher has brought the best of the Bronx's businesses, local events, and classifieds to its residents for over 40 years and counting. 

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